Revving Up Your Fitness Routine for Spring? Learn How CBD Can Help.

Revving Up Your Fitness Routine for Spring? Learn How CBD Can Help.

Posted by Meghan Gregory on 9th Mar 2021

Today, we understand that proper recovery from strenuous exercise yields enhanced results. But people of a certain age may remember a time when fitness routines were less sophisticated.

Today fitness is a science and exercise enthusiasts constantly seek the latest routines, methods, and supplements to maximize gains.

But is there a connection between magnesium infused CBD and muscle recovery?

Pre-clinical trials and case studies imply that using some form of CBD post-workout may help the body recover, rebalance, and ultimately build muscle.

Magnesium is an essential mineral that's connected to over 300 different functions in the body. It helps to regulate neurotransmitters that send messages throughout the brain and nervous system to help consumers feel calm.

It also helps to convert food into energy, create new proteins from amino acids, lower blood pressure, and so much more!

While researchers continue their work, a number of active and retired professional athletes endorse CBD oil for workout recovery. 

CBD: Cliff Notes

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of over 100 substances found in cannabis plants that can interact with specialized cellular receptors in the body. CBD is most abundant in hemp, a non-intoxicating variety of cannabis.

Under U.S. law, hemp must contain 0.3 percent THC or less. THC is the substance that causes the “high” marijuana users seek. When a plant contains more THC than that threshold allows, it’s considered illegal marijuana.

As a result, the vast majority of CBD products available in the United States derive from hemp extracts and do not cause impairment.

Consumer CBD products come in many forms, such as CBD oil tinctureslotions, and bath products. We use natural Co2 derived distillate and crude oils in our products that we personally grow in Colorado.

Full spectrum extracts contain tiny (but detectable) amounts of THC. Broad spectrum and isolated CBD products contain no detectable THC.

Anecdotes from consumers and athletes report a wide range of possible benefits. The prevailing line of thought sees CBD as a general fitness support tool.

What’s certain is that medical professionals and researchers show great interest in CBD’s potential, and they have started to study the substance in earnest. But definitive results from clinical trials may take years to come to light.

Strenuous Exercise Builds Muscle Through Recovery

Building muscle tissue through exercise starts with breaking it down. For instance, intense resistance training causes trauma to muscle fibers – essentially microtears to the tissues. After your workout, your body figures out that some damage occurred, and starts to address the problem.

This begins the recovery phase.

With all this muscle trauma going on, cell organelles stop working properly. When this happens, nearby cells start making repairs. With the aid of natural growth hormones, hypertrophy begins.

A great deal of exercise recovery happens when we sleep. Sleep lets your body and mind focus on recuperation in ways that just aren’t possible while you’re awake and doing things – like scrolling through endless Netflix menus or making fitness memes to share on Instagram.

CBD and Muscle Recovery Overview

It’s important to note that preliminary studies and medical experts aren’t prepared to assert that early evidence conclusively proves the benefits of CBD. In short, the rapid adoption of products with CBD oil for muscle recovery outpaces science.

But a growing number of pro athletes, from PGA Tour golfer Bubba Watson to UFC great Daniel Cormier, tell success stories about CBD oil and exercise recovery.

Today, there are two primary options for fitness buffs when it comes to recovery products that contain CBD – topical and oral.

Topical formulas come in creams, balms, lotions, and gels. These products often include pain-fighting ingredients, like over-the-counter drugs or soothing herbal extracts for relaxation. So if you have a sore knee, that’s where you would apply it. CBD bath bombs and salts also fall into the topical category, and most athletes use them for a sense of overall relaxation.