High Potency CBD Bath Products

Full-spectrum CBD-infused bath bombs and fizz/salts are for full-body relaxation and pain management. 

Our Premium CBD bath bombs and CBD bath fizz help soothe, release, and restore skin with our proprietary freshly scented, high-quality ingredients and premium CBD. A high concentration of CBD may help relieve stress and tension while providing soothing comfort anywhere your body needs it. We pack our bath bombs and bath fizz with rich essential oils, botanicals, and minerals to reduce inflammation and help the body relax while hydrating and nourishing your skin.

Don't settle for low potency products.

You are literally pouring money down the drain. If you want to reap the full benefits, you need a higher potency bath bomb, otherwise, save your money and buy a regular bath bomb. We want everyone to get all the benefits of a CBD bath bomb or bath fizz; we offer high potency bath products at competitive prices. We know you will not be disappointed. 

Exotic Elephant provides an all-new, refreshing way to revitalize and relax in the tub. Our Signature Collection of CBD bath bombs comes loaded with pure full-spectrum CBD. 



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