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Why Exotic Elephant

Why Choose Exotic Elephant CBD 

We maintain a simple production approach from hemp seed to the final CBD product. We can accurately represent the potency and purity of each CBD product.

None of our products contain harsh fillers or additives. We pride ourselves on only delivering the best quality products to you. All our CBD products from our bath bombstopicals, and tinctures, are developed by our Co-Founder, Ell Gregory-Campbell, who is a licensed esthetician.

Our love for the environment and passion for farming led us to start Exotic Elephant. Beginning in 2019 with our sister company, Tindakan Innovations, we cultivated hemp for our products. 

Our Method

We grow our hemp crops outdoors on our boutique farm in Colorado, using regenerative farming practices. Starting our hemp plants from seed, we transplant the seedlings to the field. When it's time to harvest, we cut the flowers/buds by hand, then go back and hand cut the rest of the plant. Next, we hand shuck to get any remaining flowers. This isn't the easiest way to cultivate hemp, but it produces the best CBD oils. Once the flower is dried, we use Co2 processing. Our crude oil looks like distillate with a beautiful pure golden color. 


Whole-Plant Benefits

We extract using the most effective parts of the plant, the buds & flowers, to maximize the full potential of hemp. Whole-Plant, also known as Entourage Effect, is when cannabinoids, terpenes, & flavonoids work together rather than just CBD alone 

We Are Sustainable

We practice natural and regenerative farming. As plastic pollution is causing devastation to our planet and ecosystems, we try to minimize the use of plastic and only use packaging that has multiple uses and is environmentally friendly. The shrink wrap we use is certified biodegradable. Our containers are glass, aluminum, and paper, so they can easily be reused or recycled and committed to creating safe, consistent, and effective products.  

We take pride in the rigorous research to make sure all the ingredients we source are vegan, cruelty-free, humane, sustainable, and biodegradable.



Lab Testing

We conduct multiple independent lab tests throughout the entire process, from seed to bottle to confirm our CBD products are free of pesticides, herbicides, mold, fungi, heavy metals, and mycotoxins. Our testing also guarantees our products contain the optimal amount of cannabinoids and terpenes.



Meghan Gregory


Meghan Gregory comes from a long line of eco-conscious farmers, educators, artists, philanthropists, and altruists. Meghan's first knowledge of hemp was from her grandparents, who dedicated a portion of their farmland to growing hemp in the 40s. Having experienced injuries from sports and simply living life, she wanted to develop natural products to help eliminate the pain, reduce stress, and enhance relaxation. After many stressful years working in marketing for start-ups, she decided to return to her roots, pun intended, and return to farming and create high-end products with her daughter, Ell, and sister company Tindakan Innovations.

Ell Gregory-Campbell

Ell Gregory-Campbell grew up with a family who taught her the importance, power, and beauty of plants, flowers, and herbs. While in high school, she received her esthetician's license and pursued a skincare and beauty industry career. While working at Ulta Salon, she received accolades for being one of the few to receive consistent 5-star reviews.

Ell's knowledge of skincare and permaculture goes hand in hand. She meticulously researches every ingredient to be sure it meets our high standards. She formulates all the products and provides education and consultation on what product is best for our customers.