How to Find the Right CBD Product

How to Find the Right CBD Product

15th Feb 2014

Maybe you're curious about CBD-infused products such as tinctures, capsules, sprays, lotion, waters, sodas or gummy bears.

Research on the safest, most effective use of CBD is still emerging. Even so, with major retail chains climbing on board, health and wellness products with CBD are getting easier to find. And if you're interested in trying them, you're not alone.

CBD is related to marijuana, but there are important differences. Both involve chemicals found in cannabis plants. THC, which primarily comes from marijuana, has psychotropic properties – it gets you high. In contrast, CBD, which is mostly derived from the related plant hemp, doesn't have this psychotropic effect.

CBD Buyer's Tips

As a consumer, you need to consider a product's quality and purity. These expert tips outline how to go about buying CBD products and what to look for on the labels. (Hint: It helps to have your mobile device handy when you walk into the store.)

Come prepared. Prior to going to the store to purchase any CBD-containing product, consumers should consider researching CBD and cross-referencing their findings.

Ask your doctor."What's most important is that patients who are considering trying these products seek guidance from their physician and health care team. Health care providers would be able to monitor CBD product use, and could also offer alternative wellness recommendations that are better supported with evidence to date. Doctors or pharmacists can discuss side effects and potential drug interactions with any medications you're taking.